The Knights´ Dinner is a highlight in the Ritterschwemme: Let yourself and your guests be carried away into the Middle Ages by our gleemen and enjoy food and drink just like the knights and kings back in the day.

The duke invites you and the aristocratic society is entertained by games and music, while the maids and servants of the Ritterschwemme provide the culinary well-being. The Knights´ Dinner is a great experience, and in the historical setting in front of Kaltenberg Castle it is something very special for every occasion.


Menu example:

“Drink of honey in the horn”
“Three kinds of spread and crispy farmhouse bread”

“Drink of garden fruits”
“All sorts of things from the stable”
crusted roast of domestic pig, ripple of domestic pig
suckling pig knuckle, farm-raised duck
served with bread rolls, root vegetables, cabbage and dip

“Sweet biscuits from the hot lard”
Served with boiled garden fruits
„Lansquenet’s Lab“



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